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2022 in Review

2022, my best year yet!   This year has been by far, in a long while, the best one yet.    It is not so

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In Retrospect

It’s that time of the year when most people are taking stock of different aspects of their life at the end of the year and

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Faith or not?

I struggled with the concept of faith for a very long time. Faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not

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Come to me  in three folds, the way all good things come.    Come to bed, touch me  with fingers crisp as mint, feed me

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In This Place

IN THIS PLACE   An angry traffic grumbles under an angry sun. Pedestrians plant weary feet where erosions run.   Haste is the natural pace.

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Do You Know You? PART 2

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Awareness There are simple but effective ways to build and practice self-awareness, here are some of them. Practice visualization.  Visualization

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