Do you want to know
how I scored

Band 8.5 & Band 7

in my Ielts; academic, and general training?

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Adenike Aweda



Adenike Aweda is a professionally trained educator with a B.A.ed in English. She believes in continuous growth in every aspect of life and that nothing should stop anyone from achieving their goals…not even language barrier. And that’s why she’s written this IELTS Preparatory book to help those who seek international opportunities and require a high IELTS score.

Having a good understanding of the English Language isn’t enough to ace your English test, you’ll need to prove it to IELTS?

It can be very frustrating when you possess the required language skills but can’t seem to get a commensurate score for them.

The truth is, IELTS doesn’t care that you understand English, they demand that you prove it to them in a certain way.

And until you do this, you may just continue to give away your money to them in the form of a test fee.

IELTS isn’t just a language test, it is a project and until you treat it as such, you may never attain your desired band score.

This book will open your eyes to grey areas you are overlooking that can guarantee whether you excel or not.

I am a professionally trained English Language teacher so believe me when I tell you that having knowledge about a subject matter isn’t the same thing as being able to prove it.

Why do I say so?

Even English native speakers fail the test! That’s your biggest proof.

Why should you trust me? How can you be certain I can deliver on all these?

I have written the IELTS only twice and I got my desired scores in both!

I have written both the Academic and General Training IELTS.

I have taken both the paper-delivered and computer-delivered tests.

The first test I took was in 2018 and the second was in 2021, so this is not a fluke or some stroke of luck….I must know some things that aid my success.

See copies of my two certificates below.

You too can replicate my success if you employ my strategies and follow the techniques, tricks, and tips I give in this book.

What will you gain from reading my preparatory book aside from my study plan, tips, tricks, and techniques?

You will get first-hand information on the details of the test format and how you can strategically prepare yourself for success.

The book will help you decide which form of test delivery is most suitable for you, paper-delivered or computer-delivered?

I have debunked, with facts, some of the myths you have regarding the test.

The book saves you the stress of gathering reading materials from different sources which may end up confusing you more.

Very up-to-date information about the test, October 2021.

I can guarantee you that this is the extra you need for that extraordinary result you desire.

General advice on how to approach the test and succeed.

This book is worth N50,000 but I’m giving it to you at a giveaway price of N3,500 only.

That’s the price of just a piece of shawarma.

Do you know why? I love people and I love to see them attain their goals, especially when they are not letting anything get in their way of success…in this case, a language barrier.

I would have given this for free but it took time, some effort, and energy and that is why I have decided to give the book at a ridiculously reduced rate. 79,000 is already a lot of money to spend on the test fee.

Additionally, people hardly value free things as much as when they have to pay for them.

And this book is PREMIUM in value!

Ready to make your order?

N79,000 is a lot of money to throw away, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Save yourself some loss by ordering this book for the price of a cup of ice cream.

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‘I remember when I wanted to write my IELTS for Academic purposes, I was quite scared because I had thought it would be extremely difficult. In my anxiety, I called Adenike and she did not just debunk all the myths about the test but also calmed my nerves and reassured me that it would be a walk in the park. After, she walked me through the test process. Needless to say, I passed my test in one sitting.’

Kikelomo Popoola

‘The tips I got from Adenike tremendously helped me with my speaking test. I was able to give extensive responses to questions instead of cut answers that will not guarantee a high score. Those tips are practical lifesavers.’

Chukwuka Alice


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