Be our sample Model

We are always looking for new ways to include our customers and always make you happy and this is why we have decided to allow one lucky customer win the chance to be our sample queen every month.

For every new design, our production team have to make a sample of the design to ascertain that every detail is as it should be. From style interpretation to choice of fabric, drafting of the pattern and actual sewing.

It is after this process that we proceed to produce in a certain number. Usually, we use models for this sampling but we thought what better way is there to include our loyal paying customers and reward you for your loyalty.

In order to be eligible to be our sample queen for the month, terms and conditions apply.

  • You must be a paying customer and must have cummulatively bought clothes from us to the tune of N50,000 only on our website.
  • You have to agree to testing the sample with us, this may require that you come to our production factory up to 2-3 visits, depending on how smoothly the sampling process goes. In the case where it may be possible for us to conduct this sampling procedure without your physical presence, mainly as a result of a particular design, you will be responsible for having said sample delivered to you.
  • You are under the obligation to send us a beautiful, professional pictures of you in said sample and agree to us using these pictures for promotions and awareness on all our digital platforms.
  • Sampling is free except in the case of delivery, then the customer has to pay for delivery.


It will be our absolute pleasure and a great joy to see your regal self be our sample queen for the month because you are royalty.