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I remember when I desperately wanted to go into tech. Finding the right niche initially was a struggle, should I do data analytics, web development or UI/UX. After testing the waters of all three aspects, I settled for UX writing.

Told myself it was time to leave fashion, I was exasperated and no longer motivated or so I thought. I even made a post in that regard, stating that I was stepping away from fashion, dismantled my business social media handles and settled in for a new life in tech.

Then… nothing. Absolutely nothing. No jobs, no money. By the time hunger wanted to pluck out my eyes, no one told me to run back to fashion 😂

Thankfully, I’m not a slave to people’s expectations so when some asked ‘but I thought you said you were stepping away from fashion ‘, I simply replied ‘I changed my mind’.

In no time, I started making money again, the truth is I wasn’t starting over from scratch, I was starting from experience.

When I came back a year after, I wasn’t the same person anymore. I came with a complete mindset overhaul, changed attitude and equipped with better understanding of running a business.

Of course I had different strategies, hoping things will work out as I’d planned them but they didn’t. I wasn’t phased either because now I know that even when things seem to not be working out, they are in reality.

As certain as it is for the sun to rise, that’s how certain it is that everything will come to me in due time, with ease. And oh did they not?

Today, I’m beyond proud of what I’m doing with Gazelle Garment Factory, producing world class garments for businesses, organizations and individuals from different parts of the world.

The same tech I wanted to leave fashion for, is now infused into fashion, from utilizing eCommerce, to using Computer Aided Design for pattern drafting and grading, to 3D modelling.

Soon, we’ll be having our own virtual fashion shows powered by Augmented Reality and making 3D printed garments.

You never see the full picture from the beginning, everything makes sense in hindsight.

Also on another hand, I work freelance as a UX writer, I have handled complete website content development amongst others. When I thought I wasted that one year trying to get into tech, the Universe said you have no idea what’s ahead.

This is no motivation. When you trust the process, you’d be able to look back and see how all the puzzles fit in.

Check out our website at www dot gazellegarment dot com there’s definitely one garment solution that’s suitable for your garment needs.

Glitters and Sparkles,
Adenike Aweda.

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