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2022 in Review

2022, my best year yet!


This year has been by far, in a long while, the best one yet. 


It is not so much in the essence of the physicality of my life, even though that is a major part of it, but in the intangibles.


I have learned. I have grown. Still learning and growing but I have come a long way and I deserve to applaud myself. Undoing 30+ years of programming is not beans.


Mostly, I am learning to think right, to be before I do. I’m learning more and more about all this potential within me and how to give expression to them.


I’m creating the Adenike I desire, the one I choose to be, the one that is free from all the conditioning bestowed on her by her background, past experiences, and society.


It’s been tough but I’m not doing badly and at this point, I want to say “well done mai dia, you’re doing well”.


At the start of the year, all I wanted to achieve was to learn how to think. The know-how came in February in the form of a boot camp that I attended “Science of Astounding Results” by Bankole Williams. I was just strolling on the street of Facebook when I saw the ad and I knew immediately I had to tap in.


The entire boot camp was a combustion of lightbulb moments. Like the scriptures say: “it is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings to search out a matter”. There’s so much to unravel if only we’ll search things out…gems are littered everywhere for us waiting to be discovered.


Another highlight of my year was learning about the Laws of the Universe. We are in a universe governed by laws and as I suspect you would already know that the law is not a respecter of persons and ignorance is not an excuse. In every situation I have found myself in this year, there has been one law from these laws that served as an anchor that helped me through that situation. Most times, the problem is not the problem, the problem is that we don’t know how to navigate the crisis or solve the problem.


I discovered a gem in the power of meditation. Though I didn’t tune into this until the latter part of the year, my omo has been omo-ed since I did. Aside from the spiritual benefits of tranquility, peace, harmony, higher wellbeing, etc, meditation has healed “my” insomnia.


Since I was a teen, I have battled sleeplessness. It was not a problem adulthood bestowed on me, even when I had no responsibilities, I couldn’t sleep at will. Heck, I couldn’t have a smooth night’s sleep most of the time. I dared not nap in the afternoon, I’d have waved my night sleep goodbye. God help me if I wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, my eyes will shine like a lightbulb till daybreak and that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to sleep during the day to make up for that sleep deprivation. It was really bad and I’d grown to accept and manage it until I started meditating.


During a 70 Day meditation challenge organized by Dr. Lanre Olusola, I was able to immerse myself, connecting and exchanging energy with like minded people. It was quite an experience. There’s another 70-Day challenge coming up, by the way, you should tap into it too if the registration isn’t closed yet.


It’s funny how we get used to an anomaly so much that when we experience the norm, it feels like a problem. When I started sleeping well, I thought something was wrong with me. If not that I now know better, I would have given in to the urge to google conditions that cause oversleeping lmaooo. Until I was reminded of how I used to struggle with sleep and how I now sleep like a baby. For two months thereabout now, I’ve been napping and still enjoying a full night’s sleep. Miracle no dey tire Jesus.


This year, I’ve been able to let go of the illusion of setting and attaining big goals. Putting more focus and shining the light on the seemingly little ones and focusing on my daily habits. When Albert Einstein said “coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous”, I understand it better now.


I could go on and on. I learned about the flows and ebbs of life. How they are unavoidably a part of life and we can only learn how to navigate them. There’s a way to go through your season of ebb in order to quickly come into your next flow. Whether you prepare for it or not, ebb will come, the wise thing to do is to know how to go through it. Mfon Ekpo is the coach you need in your life, you will not remain ‘human’ again 😂.


This same year, I was tried as a parent, nothing prepared me for the frustration and overwhelm I felt parenting this year. It would have been a situation of ‘yam-pepper-scatter-scatter’ (this has a Yoruba nuance to it, please indulge me 😁) but when you seek help, you’ll find it. I’m thankful I found help and it’s getting better. 


The shocking part of it though was that the problem and solution lies with me. I honestly think parenting should be a 3 credit unit course in our higher institutions for a society that encourages procreation like ours, nobody should have a child without knowing what they’re getting into. As a matter of fact, a lot of us didn’t even know, understand and deal with our traumas before becoming parents and it’s sad because the repercussions can be severe. 


I learned about prayer. That prayer is not only what I say when I close my eyes to talk to God for a few minutes or hours (I’ve not prayed for an hour straight in a long while though) but my habitual thoughts are also prayers. 


Have you ever wondered how it was possible when Jesus said to pray without ceasing? It is not possible to pray without ceasing if we consider it in the context of what we consider prayer. But when you understand that your thoughts are prayers, then you’ll know that you actually pray without ceasing in the real sense of it whether you like it or not. Even when you sleep, your subconscious mind is awake, carrying on your established thoughts so it is never-ending. The question is “what are you praying for?” 


How can I not talk about this woman Olajumoke that always, always connects me with mind-tearing books? The book recommendations she gives will make you lose your mind. 


Picture this scenario when you suddenly close the book you’re reading, let out a loud scream, jump up, and run around your house and then you can’t sit down again for the next hour and all you can chant is “oh my goodness”. That’s the kind of book I’m talking about. If you want to read the best books, just slide into her DM, she has them plenty 😂.


We are currently having a book review on the book “The Master Key System” and you cannot imagine the illuminations we are experiencing coupled with practical exercises that come with each chapter. Totally life-changing. It will run till May 2023 and oh I’m giddy.


The above cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the awareness I’ve come into this year alone and some that were reiterated. I’m learning not to judge things…people, situations, things, actions and inactions of others. Zero judgment. It’s okay to not have an opinion especially when my opinion is not going to make things better. I understand how my opinion reflects back to me, so I just observe things as they are and choose to not give meaning to them…until it becomes necessary and then I can choose the perspective that serves and empowers me. It’s a little mouthy I know but yeah, makes a whole new meaning to me now.


One major challenge that comes with staying grounded is forgetfulness. We are quick to forget these things and that is why we lose focus. This forgetfulness is further compounded by all the noise around us. With too many distractions, social media is number one.


That is why I’ll be putting in place a system that’ll help me to continue to stay grounded and tuned in to ensure that I live my best life. To be surrounded physically and online by people and content that point me in the direction of where I’m headed. To stay immersed, totally tapped in, tuned in and turned on. 


My goal for 2023 is to live inside out. I have a list of daily doings. Things I want to do on a daily basis to form a habit. The goal is to be before I start to do. The goal is to become an “unconscious competent” in being the best version of myself per- time… self-mastery. 


Prior to now, I’d be averse to putting this list out here but my solar plexus has no room for fear anymore.


My Daily Doings are


Subconscious programming







Intermittent/vegan fasting


There’s a reason for each goal and why they are important to me in this period of my life. 


After I have done all these, then I can do whatever else I need to do that’ll move me closer to my other life goals. 


Who wants to be my accountability partner? It’s time to shine my light! 


Glitters and Sparkles ✨


Adenike Aweda.

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