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Principles Respond to Application

I was thinking about the many write ups that pervade the social spaces and books in recent times.


It made me wonder everyone has something to say, we all have access to platforms and everyone chooses what to do with these platforms.


So if some people choose to entertain, by all means they should…we need to laugh more in my opinion.


When some others choose to educate, it is well within their right to do so likewise.


That’s beauty of it all, we all cannot sleep and face the same direction (this is a very crude yoruba adage translation 🤣).


The question of ‘do people do what they preach’ may waltz across our minds sometimes, it’s just natural that we wonder about these things as intelligent beings. But I’d like to query if that matters so a certain degree.


Especially when it comes to write ups/talks about principles in whatever aspect or facet of life: finance, health, spirituality, lifestyle, personal development, etc.


My thought is, principles are principles and they answer to whoever applies them. What does it really matter to me, if someone shares something enlightening on their TL if they live by it or not? People are accountable mainly to themselves, every other person is secondary.


I would think to be grateful at first, that I can have access to such ‘wisdom’ before anything else.


Principles are what they are…principles. It does not matter who decides to put them to use, they’ll get the benefits thereof.


Just like I got to know that some people exhibit and practice life enhancing principles without consciously being aware that they do. And they enjoy the benefits, their being unconscious of it not withstanding. They are called the unconscious competent. If you apply financial laws, without knowing, you’d reap the rewards. And when people ask you how you do it, you’re short of what to say because there are no laid down rules that you’re following but in your subconscious mind, there’s a pattern it is used to that produces results.


The saying ‘the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer’ is a practical one. A person born into affluence is naturally more inclined to prosper and continue in their prosperity mindset bestowed on them by virtue of their background and conditioning.


Everything happens in the mind, before you can produce a certain result, it has to happen in your mind first.


The poor person, on the other hand, already has scarcity mentality handed to them by circumstance. It will take a conscious and continued effort to overturn this mindset that will cause a major shift in their thinking without which, their reality wouldn’t change.


The mental condition is part of the creative process, while whatever conditioning gotten from childhood contributes a large part of one’s mental state, they ultimately amount to the kind of results we produce.

Adenike Aweda.

October 2021


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