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Faith or not?

I struggled with the concept of faith for a very long time. Faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Growing up with an overly spiritual mother and having attended this particular church where you pray for your enemies to die, I had a lot of traumatic experiences with Christianity…more than I actually realized. The best thing my father ever did for me in this life, was to allow me leave the church and attend a church of my choice because I was always fearful.


And even though I can’t remember when I particularly took the oath, I swore never to sacrifice logic on the alter of religion. That should give you a little glimpse into my struggle with faith. If it wasn’t logical and cannot be intelligently explained, then miss me with it.


So when the pastor says, ask and believe you have received and act like you have, I would think to myself: na so madness dey start, no be me and you…lol. How do I act like my present reality is different from what it is when I can clearly see it is physically not?


But the scripture that says the just shall live by faith is real. As the baby girl that I am and the soft life I desire to live, faith is a non-negotiable factor and I had to learn it… I’m still learning.


God is the sweetest of all, the best father who will go to any mile for his own. Science helped me understand what I couldn’t through sermons. The terminologies are different but the concept is thesame… visualization, positive affirmations, the framework of the mind, subconscious reprogramming, centeredness, meditation.


Because I sought answers, I found answers and I keep finding them and my mind is blown over and over again. It’s a long journey but I’m enjoying the ride, I’m living in the present moment. It can only get better.


Now, my belief system is solid. My faith strong. My confidence boosted. My joy is full.


Right now, I am living my best life, in the context of whatever that is per time, knowing fully well, without any iota of doubt; that ALL things are continually working out for my absolute good.


It’s a beautiful Sunday and I’m wishing you a joyful week ahead.


Glitters and Sparkles ✨

Adenike Aweda



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