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When Your World Is Crumbling

Some days you feel like you have mastered life and how to live it, and some other days you get thrown curve balls that make you feel like a toddler at life. 


Disappointments can come at different times and in varying degrees, from dashed hope and expectation to matters-of-the-heart kind of disappointment. There’s really no knowing exactly what life can bring even with a near-perfect positive state of mind.


Life may sometimes throw you curveballs that will throw you off balance or even have you falling on your face. It is what it is. 


When I started studying the mind and how it works and can deliver to me all that I desire, I didn’t think I could ever be disappointed by not getting my desires ever again. I mean, I now know the formula, it’s what I’d wanted since forever….CERTAINTY.


The assurance that when I play my part by doing all that I should in my mind and with corresponding actions, the end result is exactly what I say it must be.


This can be true in some situations, to get exactly what you desire, as specific as you want it. 


However, your knowledge as a human is still limited. Until you get to such a level of awareness that your intuition is in sync with the infinite knowledge of Source, you are not privy to the nitty-gritty detail of that specific situation or desire.


Let’s use an example. You desire to get a job in a particular company with a specific salary expectation and you set your intentions right while making all the necessary moves that will deliver this goal to you.


You do all that you know to do, but alas, you didn’t get said job. It’s not a matter of encouragement or motivation, but that happened for a reason and the reason is for your good.


The Universe possesses infinite knowledge, it knows the past, present, and future. And because you don’t have only one desire in your whole life, you have several in different aspects; this singular desire will not be treated in isolation.


What I have recently realised is to practice detachment in having desires and setting goals because you know what you want but you cannot be certain how it will be delivered to you. So while you want that specific job with that salary scale, that job is not the only job that can deliver to you that desire while putting into account the other areas of your life.


The problem arises when we are so fixated on our desire that we become attached to it such that if it eventually doesn’t come through, the way we want it, we feel like the world is crumbling like a pack of cards.


And the unthinkable happens. 


We lose hope.


This is where the trap is. Losing hope. The very ingredient of every desired outcome. In that moment of disappointment and despair, you begin to panic and think of every negative scenario possible thereby distorting the perfect work of your mind already set in motion.


In manifesting your goals and desires, you must possess such certainty that everything is happening for your good regardless of appearances. Yes, that’s what they are, appearances. Appearances are nothing but illusions. 


It is why you cannot afford to live by them. In the face of opposing reality, unfavourable situations, circumstances, and conditions; never lose hope!


The universe is working in your favour to deliver to you ALL of your life’s desires. It factors in everything and that is how you can attain an all-round fulfilled life. The apex of a full and happy life. Where you don’t have one outcome at the expense of another.


You need trust. Trust Source, the all-knowing one. And never for once doubt that the end result for you is desirable.


Calmness of mind in the face of chaos is a powerful tool that can be cultivated.


It comes from this understanding that everything you see is not as it seems, they’re many illusions all around us every single day. You cannot look to them to determine how things will pan out for you.


Next time you are about to panic, silence your intelligent mind and calm yourself. Take deep breaths and speak the truth…your truth. Meditation is a powerful tool here, it gives you access to your inner self, the powerful one.


Fear and faith have one thing in common; they need you to believe in what you cannot see. Do you see why it makes better sense to choose the better option, faith?


Remember, no matter what is happening, you are still in control and your mind will deliver to you all that you want.

And if you ever fail at it, get up and try again because that’s what winners do!


Love and Netflix,


Adeinke Aweda.

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