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The Journey To Self Discovery And Mastery: A Series

Knowing who you are and how you function as a human, is the first step to living your best life. A lot of people wobble blindly through life, trying to figure it out with no fundamental knowledge of their human anatomy.


By human anatomy, I’m not talking about your body composition alone. Your body is just a part of you, it is not the whole of you. As a human, you are a tripartite being. You are a spirit, you live in a body and you have a soul.


You are spiritual, you have an intellect and you live in a physical body. The greatest part of your being is non-physical. You have to be aware that you live simultaneously on three distinct planes of existence.


  • The Spiritual Plane of Thoughts (the highest potential)


  • The Intellectual Plane of Ideas (the middle potential)


  • The Physical Plane of Results (the lowest potential)


Many live on the physical plane of results alone, totally ignoring the highest plane while putting all their efforts and energy on the intellectual plane. They work from Things (physical) to Thoughts (Spirit) to Idea (Intellect). Now that’s having it backwards.


The highest plane of human existence is the Spirit. It is where creation starts. Whatever will happen in the physical must first happen in the spirit and I’m not talking about some religious ideology here. Science has proven this.


Most people will look at the results in their lives and let it dictate the thoughts they will use to build their idea… the idea of who they are, what they can achieve, and the kind of life they are able to live.


As God’s highest form of creation, you have a creative power because you are a co-creator with Source, God. In the beginning, the Source already created all that there can ever exist. 


Everything that can possibly be in the physical already is in the spiritual, both good and bad. It is the human mind that brings substances (thoughts) into a physical form because the human mind is the center of creation.


Your mind is the center of divine operation. You are divine and you cannot change your inherent nature, therefore, it means nothing even if you are unaware of your true nature and live life anyhow….your creative power is always operational.


The thing about the Laws of the Universe is that they respect principles and operate whenever they are applied, whether consciously or not. The law of gravity does not recognize a child differently from an adult and so if a child should fall from a highrise building, the law of gravity must take effect. It’s the same way the other kinds of laws that govern your state of being as a co-creator with Source operate. Ignorance does not excuse anyone from the existence and applications of these laws.


There are people who are called unconscious competent. They just seem to know to do the right things that get them their desired results without knowing in particular how they do it or exactly what they do. 


It is the function of a wiring, a paradigm that has been formed unconsciously and enabled by their environment, an experience, the influence of someone else who operates on the higher plane of human existence, or a habit that they have.


The same way this is possible in a positive way is how it is possible negatively. There are also people who are unconscious incompetent. Who no matter how much they try and make an effort to achieve their desired goals may not be able to do so because of their paradigm.


 Now, this set of people get used to this life that they get to a place of surrender and settle for whatever they are able to manage out of life. And they call it fate!


The truth about life is, it was made to be lived to the fullest. Life is made for increase and fuller expression. Check everything that grows around you, the natural state is to increase. In every fruit, there’s at least a seed to recreate itself and it does that in multiples. The natural state of life is for increase and expansion.


Nobody was born to be unfortunate. The circumstance of their birth may seem to look like they are, which is the present physical manifestation they have. But on the spiritual plane, they have the power and enablement to turn every situation around.


The problem comes when we cannot separate ourselves from what is physically obtainable to tap into our inner superpowers and enact the change we so desire. People live from outside in, instead of inside out. They dwell on physical appearances so much that the inner awareness that should bring about the change they desire in the physical realm is non-existent.


Living the life you truly desire will not come into manifestation by letting your present physical results dictate how you think, what you think, and what you do. It will only derail you further from that path.


Only the awareness and the consciousness of your true nature and potential can deliver impossible things to you. This is the way to live your best life. A life that is worthy of who you are, who you have been created to be.


It starts with your identity. And it is your duty and responsibility to search it out because ignorance will not excuse you from the repercussions of not knowing. Create in you, the consciousness of who you are, impress it on your subconscious mind (which is responsible for the choices you make and the results you get out of life) so much that it becomes a part of you such that you become an unconscious incompetent.


The only thing about awareness is, for most people (adults), it is a journey and not a destination. By reason of our formative years, the paradigm is already formed by the age of 7. Whatever an individual does after that is dependent on those formative years. Until they become aware and make a conscious effort while taking conscious actions to overturn the old paradigm that doesn’t serve them to a new and helpful one.


Becoming aware is not where the work ends, in fact, it is where it begins!


Some days you think you have mastered life and how to live it, and other days you get thrown curve balls that make you feel like a toddler at life (even if you have been on this journey of conscious living). 


It is what it is. The paradigm is not easy to change, it will fight you. I have had my own share of this battle. I have had to constantly get back on the higher plane (frequency) of existence after falling. 


There will be resistance on your way to becoming who you truly want to be and getting your true desires out of life. That resistance will not only come from your environment (people, situations, and circumstances) but it will also come from you ( your paradigm).


It is for this purpose that I have decided to create this series and share learnings, experiences and create support for everyone who wants to live a full, rich and free life, devoid of self inhibitions because in reality….only you can stop you! 


Glitters and Sparkles,


Adenike Aweda.

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