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Fear: an illusion?

It was a dark awry night, with the wind whistling not so softly through the array of tree branches dancing gracefully to the tune of its music. 


With this particular night carried an unsettling feeling, it was strong and almost palpable. She looked around her to find a person or anything, that could give some sense of comfort or at least be the source of the feeling of fear and trepidation that suddenly engulfed her. 


She found none. 


The frightening sensation tugging at her stomach walls didn’t make things better either. 


Then the thought came to her…run! 


Without a second thought, she gave momentum to the paces her legs had been taking earlier. The astonishing (and somewhat humourous) thing for her is the strength with which she did. She didn’t think she had it in her. 


In what seemed like microseconds, she was standing in front of her parents’ house, panting profusely from the exhaustion of running at the speed of light. 


She looked back, in the direction where she came from, and wondered what in the world got her ruffled up and so scared that she took that run like her life depended on it? 




Just darkness. 


And silence, except for the whistling of the wind.


Nothing appeared as a threat. 


Maybe it was there but she just couldn’t see it? 


Maybe it was just what it is. FEAR… false evidence appearing real.


Maybe not!


She’d never find out.


In fact, she’d rather not!  

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