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The Science of Riches

It may bizarre but there’s a science to riches. Meaning there are practical steps tp take to amass wealth and not just by hard or smart work as is being classified these days. 


Ever heard of the book by Napoleon Hills, ‘Think And Grow Rich’? If you have, have you ever wondered why anyone will tell you that the way to grow rich is not by hard, smart and intense work but by thinking.


The truth about this truth is that it is sooooo simple and too easy that people cannot come to terms with its authenticity. When I say easy, I should add that it is seemingly so because even though on the surface it appears so, it is not exactly so.


While all the self-development books, courses and webinars are good, in fact they are great and I remain a continuous student, it is not all you need to achieve your wealth goals.


Year in, year out, a lot of people invest in courses, programmes and trainings to help them become better in life, in their chosen fields, etc. However, they end up amassing all these knowledge and gathering all these information and that’s where it ends. They never take necessary action(s).


I used to be this person too. I was a new knowledge junkie, always ready to learn, to read and be better. Only, it used to end with the acquisition of knowledge, zilch action.


At first, it was the quote ‘Knowledge Is Power’ that was the rave. It has now moved to ‘Action Is Power’…lol. But when you think thoroughly about it, you would realise that there is something responsible for people’s inaction even when they know what to do but never do it.


I digress.


Pardon me.


We were talking about how there is a scientific way of getting rich. To fully grasp the whole essence of our universe, you need to align both spiritually and scientifically. They are both interwoven and inseparable. Having the knowledge of one without the other is incomplete, there are so many truths that will be lost to you this way.


There are a lot of moral sentiments that surround the terrain of talking about wealth and riches. A lot of people, ideologies, and doctrines consider poverty as some form of piety. This may sound ridiculous to you, I hope it does, but there are people who hold this belief to be true.


While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, these beliefs should be put under the scrutiny of relevant truth and/or facts. 


The whole essence of life is for increase. Everything living has the potential to increase, multiply and blossom. It is the way of the Universe, how the creator made it. Take a minute to look around you critically, study your environment and soak in the abundance that surrounds you. Life is for expansion and fuller expression.


The object of all life is development and everything has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining. As humans, our right to life isn’t just to live for the sake of living but to experience life to the fullest, enjoying the free and unrestricted use of all the things that may be necessary to our fullest mental, spiritual and physical unfolding. In other words, the right to be rich.


For you to develop to your full potential as a human, you must develop in mind, soul, and body by making use of things. And the way our society is structured, you cannot possess things without possessing money or at least have money in exchange for these things.


We cannot begin to talk about riches and contentment in the same sentence, that is being contented with little. The purpose of nature is the advancement and unfoldment of life, and every man should have all that can contribute to the power, elegance, beauty, and richness of life.


The desire to be rich is a righteous and upright one. To desire riches is to desire a richer, fuller more abundant life and this is praise-worthy. The creator lives in abundance, there is no recognition cell of scarcity in Him. And He ensured to put in place laws that will actualize this for us when we apply them in our lives.


As Christians, I am a person of faith, we can get caught up and trapped in praying and waiting on God. Sometimes even, I think Christians hide under this God factor to excuse their lives away, spend it in needlessly waiting on God to experience a miracle.


The truth is, there is nothing new God will do for you now. Your prayer concerning whatever pressing matter you have is not what will change or move God to do things for you. Everything He could ever do for you, He has done. Please read that again. When you pray for shoes or a job or money….whatever the need is; God wouldn’t just get up to make it happen at that moment you ask for it.


Come to think of it, if that were the case, imagine the herculean task that must be and how stressful and even frustrating it will be to have to individually attend to each and every one of our prayers per time. 


Think about the global business moguls you know of, do they individually and singularly attend to each of their customers one at a time by themselves? The answer is a definite NO. What do these moguls do? They put in place structures that can make their businesses run effectively independent of them.


You see how as humans, we acknowledge that it will be impossible to run a successful global business without a definite and defined structure to ensure the smooth running of activities. Wouldn’t it be irresponsible of God to also put in place measures that will allow for the world to run without His constant and incessant interference?


There are laws, universal laws, governing the universe that have been put in place to serve you and me. Before you had that need, God was mindful of it and had made provisions for it ahead. All you have to do is apply the law that is responsible for your desired need and problem’s solved.


Of course, there is the place of divinity, where you may not fully grasp what is going on with you in a certain situation until you reach such a level of spiritual awareness. However, most of our human needs are denied or delayed because we are unaware of the necessary actions to take. And not because we have to plead with God or blackmail and harass Him or even threaten Him as some people do. Lol.


God has set in place, laws that govern this earth and these laws will answer to anyone who utilises them. Another irony is, ignorance is not an excuse. That you are unaware does not mean you cannot trigger one or many of these laws, they respond regardless. 


Think of the law of gravity. It does not matter that it is a child playing innocently at the edge of a high/elevated platform, if that child should trip, he/she will fall to the ground regardless. That’s how it is with these laws, it is your job to seek and search them out.


Yes, there are proven ways to be wealthy and when I talk about wealth, I do not speak in terms of money alone but all round wellness. Abundance in earthly possession, abundance of health, peace, love, joy…it’s a complete package.


Follow me as I continue to delve into this science that when you get it, nothing will be out of your reach, ever because this is a series.

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